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WWE Unauthorized - 2006 - Online Links Empty WWE Unauthorized - 2006 - Online Links

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WWE Unauthorized - 2006 - Online Links Wweunauthorized

WWE: Unauthorized provides a rare look at the empire Vince McMahon Jr. built by interviewing the wrestlers, writers and wacky fans that provide the fuel for the most explosive show on television. What is life on the inside like? How much are the wrestlers paid? And of course, is this #$%! real?

WWE: Unauthorized sits down with Vince Russo, the WWE writer responsible for shaping the personas of The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin and others. How did Russo go from WWE golden child to media scapegoat? What role did he play in revitalising the company, moving it into the "attitude" era and beyond? And, what happened the tragic night of Owen Hart's death?

WWE: Unautohrized speaks with WWE wrestling legend, Tito Santana, self-described company man and the only WWE wrestler to perform at the first eight WrestleManias. What price did Tito pay on his way to becoming an international sports star?

WWE: Unauthorized also provides a unique look at the athletes wrestling in the dank shadows of the McMahon empire. Listen, as they spill their guts about the terrifying risks they take in the hop of being invited into the house that McMahon built. From independent federations to bone-crushing bankyard "bangfests" the WWE has undoubtedly inspired generations of would-be wrestling stars.

Seasoned with insights from experts in the field of media, science and medicine, WWE: Unauthorized provides long time wrestling fanatics, and recent converts alike, a look at life in and beyond the squared circle.

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