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WWF Eve Of Destruction - 2000

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WWF Eve Of Destruction - 2000 Empty WWF Eve Of Destruction - 2000

Post by Admin on Sun Mar 07, 2010 2:43 pm

WWF Eve Of Destruction - 2000 Wwe_EveOfDestruction

This is a special look at some of the greatest Federation matches ever. First, from 1998's King of the Ring, the infamous Hell in a Cell. Then, the Steel Cage and Last Man Standing Matches from 1999's St. Valentine's Day Massacre. We wrap things up with Wrestlemania XV's Shane vs. X-Pac, as well as the Greatest Ladder Match in Federation history from the Terri Invitational Tournament at 1999's No Mercy.
What sets this tape apart though, are the in-depth Superstar commentaries as you watch the action. It's all here with an exclusive backstage perspective from the ones who lived it and watched it all unfold before their eyes.

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